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You can check your email online or set up on your PC/MAC/Mobile devices.

If you are using 1and1.com mail server please go to this URL in order to read your mail online:



Mail Server
Incoming server (IMAP) imap.1and1.com
Incoming server (POP) pop.1and1.com
Outgoing server (SMTP) smtp.1and1.com
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Setting Up Your E-mail Program for Retrieving Mail From Your Mailbox

To set up Microsoft Outlook Express:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook Express.
  2. Go to Tools > Accounts.
  3. Click the Mail tab to open a list of your mail accounts.
  4. Click the Add > button and select the Mail  item.
  5. Enter your name as you want it to appear in any messages you send, and click Next >.
  6. Type your e-mail address that you created through Plesk (for example, Next >.
  7. Select the protocol of your incoming mail server.
  8. Specify the mail domain name as the incoming and outgoing mail server (for example: mail.your-domain.com), and clickNext >.
  9. Type your e-mail address in the Account name box (for example: your.name@your-domain.com).
  10. Type your password. This should be the password that you specified during creation of the mailbox through Plesk.
  11. Leave the Remember password box checked, if you do not wish to be prompted to enter password each time your e-mail program connects to the mail server to check for new mail, and click Next >.
  12. To complete setting up your e-mail program, click Finish.

How do I set up Mac OS X Mail using IMAP?

Step 1:
Open Finder and launch the Mail application.
Step 2:
Click the Mail menu and select Preferences.
Step 3:
Click the Accounts icon at the top of the window and then click the plus sign (+) at the bottom-left of the window to add an account.
Step 4:
Enter your Full Name, Email Address and Password. When finished, click the Continue button.
Step 5:
From the Account Type drop-down menu, select IMAP.
Step 6:
Enter a Description to differentiate the 1&1 IMAP server from others you may have added to Mac Mail.
Enter imap.1and1.com as the Incoming Mail Server.
Enter your full 1&1 e-mail address as the User Name.
Enter the e-mail account’s Password.

Click the Continue button when finished.

Video Tutorial

You can watch YouTube video about 1and1.com new email set up on the hosting package, you can click on larger view on the video.