1and1 help

Yesterday 1and1.com hosting service was down. All my sites were down and my clients’s sites as well.
” Yesterday afternoon at 4pm EST an unknown third party initiated a DDoS attack on 1&1’s DNS infrastructure. The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to attribute internet addresses such as “1and1.com” to IP numbers, similar to a telephone book. During the coordinated attack, many widely spread computers (also known as bot net) sent several hundred thousand requests per second to our DNS servers.”
You can see report here: http://status-1and1.com/#Incident

To reach 1and1 help line: call 1 816 621 4795
If the phone line is busy then try email them support@1and1.com
Twitter works as well:

If your site is still down or your email services please contact and notify them.