How to add audio to your site?

How to include audio in your blog? You can either upload the file and give as a link or embed the file into your post or page.

You can also add an external link to your site( such as Youtube, Vimeo or other sites ) to an outside audio file. You can  upload an .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, or .wav file types.

So you can choose either publishing a simple download link or embedding an interactive media player.


How to embed an audio file?
This is the code you can use, just replaced the link with your own file.
<audio src=”″ controls>
<a href=”″ target=”_blank”>Open the song in a new window</a>

Here are the codes:

<audio controls=”controls”>

<source src=”song.ogg” type=”audio/ogg” />

<source src=”song.mp3″ type=”audio/mp3″ />


Before you embed the audio code into your blog click on the text button in the editor view, type there, not in the visual mode.


If you don’t want to add embed codes manually you can get use a plugin.
Such as:
Compact WordPress Audio/Music Player Plugin (All Browser Compatible)

YouTube audio player with a shortcode.