Advise from a 45 year old woman

I limited my advise to a few main points. Let me keep it short. It is not necessary to write too much.
I have reached the age of 45, I wanted to share, what have I learned about those years. This article is mainly for women, men can skip reading it, I do not mind it.
1. Try to enjoy happy moments in your life. Sadness from the past, worries for the future only makes happy moments shorter. Remember that.
2. Your health is the most important factor in your life. Having fake eyelashes, changing hair colors ( by changing from red to blonde, and keep changing the color of your hair does not make you look younger, do not fool yourself, everybody with an average intelligence can guess how old you are ) spending way too much money on makeup is only foolishness. If you spend same amount of money and energy for your health instead of your appearance, you would be investing to yourself.
3. Trying to look young is a lost battle. Everyone gets old. The sooner you get comfortable with the idea of getting old, and in peace with the concept you will feel more relax about yourself.
4. Instead of chasing your greed and trying to fulfill it, choose something to make you happy. Being very rich, being very successful, being whatever your greedy self once is endless loop. Do not forget, you are not going to take all your money with you to the grave. Being slave to money or being a sucker to capitalism will not make you happier, on the contrary will contribute to your unhappiness. Find your balance with your inner peace, not with stuff.
5. Do not be jealous. Look at the beauty. Look at beautiful people, it does not matter young or old, women and men. Include those beauties to your life, enjoy their companies. The more beauty in your life, you will discover more happiness around you.
6. Try to have male friends. Do not forget to be a real friend to them. The good friendship is a very valuable asset in the life. When bad days come, first your family comes to your help then your good friends. Keep your bonds strong.
7. Stay away from people who give you negative criticism. There will be always some people who will try to stop you trying new things, just avoid them. Whatever you want to do, if that fits your common sense, and you feel like you can succeed then go for it. At least try it, therefore you will not feel regret at least not trying later on in your life.
8. Do not think about what others think about you, even your friends or family. There is no end to it. You do not have to fit the society. You will live only once. It is never too late to try; you may even move to another place to start a new life, if that is what you want.
9. Choose your spouse well. Make sure that person is your best friend, rather than how tall, handsome or rich he is. When you get badly ill, if that handsome man leaves you then you do not have to beat yourself with ” where did I make the mistake” question. It is a bit too late to ask that question.
10. Have a backbone. In order to make others happy do not take it from yourself. Sometimes it is necessary saying “no” to others.
11. Do not place a man at the center of your life, even if that person is your husband. When things go wrong, it will be easier to deal with that way. For a healthy relationship try to be equal with him. Trying to make him look good, adoring him, putting him in the center of your life, will not make your relationship stronger. Situation may change. Do not forget, he may die before you, or your love can dissolve as years pass by. If you trust yourself, you can move on much easier.
12. Everybody dies, being afraid of death does not help you. Focus on your good moments in your life, enjoy what you can. It is a journey, you carve your path with your actions. Be who you are and do your best. If others say ‘she is a good person’, then be happy with that, the rest is not that important.


2 thoughts on “Advise from a 45 year old woman

  1. A very intresting article, Nur. You expressed some nice points. Happy Birthday and many more!