70 Aegean Vegetarian Recipes

Cook the way Aegean people cook!

Olive oil, slow cook and green salads.

If you want to create Aegean tastes in your home then this ebook is for you:

  • It contains all the classic recipes that made Aegean cuisine famous.
  • What to buy in USA, in order to cook Aegean dishes.
  • Learn how to cook with Turkish salça tomato paste the important ingredient of Aegean kitchen.
  • You’ll get useful information about vegetables and how to cook them.
  • Learn about the major Aegean cooking ingredients.
  • Step-by-step recipes from in easy to follow format.
  • All measurements are commonly used kitchen US format.
  • Learn detail information about ingredients .
  • Simple English to Turkish food dictionary.
  • Extra recipes of veggies, herbs, teas and information about where to buy in USA and how to cook them.


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Language: English
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Aegean Vegetarian Cookbook

This book designed for people who love Turkish cooking and living in US.
If you are living in Turkey, you do not need this book to cook Turkish food, go talk to your neighbors, walk around local bazaars, buy veggies at your grocery store. Even you do not speak Turkish, you can still cook the food by simply watching Turkish TV channels (there are many cooking programs on TV) or visiting food websites.

Americans who somehow tasted the Turkish food, or visited Turkey, might be interested in cooking these dishes. The obstacle is always converting a recipe from European metric system to US measurements.  In addition Turkish recipes differ by using old grandma methods; like a glass of water, or half a Turkish coffee cup of oil, or a tablespoon of tomato paste and so on. You can not actually convert a glass of milk to a cup of milk. The size of glass might vary, since most people do not use standard kitchen measurements.

The other issue is finding the similar ingredients. Like eggplant refers to long skinny, eggplants, not American fat ones.
American fat eggplants similar to Turkish topan patlıcan.

Green pepper means long, skinny sweet pepper in most cases, taste similar to Cubanelle peppers which is hard to find at local grocery stores.

Cooking time also a bit different. Majority of Turkey use gas stove versus American use generally electric stove.

In this recipe book every dish cooked with US measurement cups and spoons. Step by step cooking directions  are easy to follow!

About the book: