All about Fonts

Google Font Preview
Google provides an awesome free font service, and Google Font Preview is an equally strong extension to check out these fonts right in your browser!

Identify fonts
Using What Font is you can identify the font you are looking for.
“What Font is” is uses OCR (Optical Character Recovery) tool which enables to find out the font used in a picture.

If you have a business card or a flyer that has a particulat font used, you might like to use the font on your printed material or on your website, you should tell your designer the name of the font. What if if you do not know the name? Or maybe you’re just trying to identify a font used in another design piece. Then you should visit this websiite.
You can submit an image to WhatTheFont to find the closest matches in their database. It might find the name of the font for you.

Fonts By AppEngines
If you have iPad or iPhone you can use this free app to identify fonts on your device.
Displays all of the fonts on the device. The initial list is the font families, then each font (normal, bold, oblique) within the family, then details about the font.