Analyze of “La Tortura”

I was translating my article from Turkish to English and I found out the process of translation was very boring. I was forcing myself to write an article every day. Then translating it into English the next day turned into tedious task for me. I said “that’s enough torture I should entertain myself too”. I stopped writing, and clicked on youtube. I was thinking, I could watch a video clip, find some joyful music, forget about editing, and translating for a while.
Since my mind was occupy the word ‘torture’, subconsciously I clicked on Shakira’s song called “La Tortura”.
Perhaps you are not familiar with Shakira. She was born in 1977 in Columbia. She has a good voice as well as a great body. She is a very talented singer and definitely shakes her hips better than many belly dancers. Her cosmopolitan background of Lebanese and Columbian blends into her spectacular performance. Anyway I am not interested in her family heritage here, I am going to analyze her video clip of “La Tortura”.

In the first scene, I saw some liquid stuff dripping from a hand. I could not understand what it was. It could have been oil, paint or mud, or who knows what else. I had no idea what was the correlation of the liquid and the music. I guess it is not that important because it only lasted three seconds.

Next there is a man in a black shirt looking out the window. He sees a sexy woman for a few seconds who is covered with black stuff shaking her boobs like crazy. Then her curvaceous form disappears. Then the man sees a curly haired woman walking in the street.

His eyes follows the woman who enters an apartment building. He hides himself behind the sheer, still watching her steps. He glances back time to time at a woman who is sleeping in a bed behind him. The curly hair woman goes into her flat and begins to undress herself, slowly.

The cameraman zooms in so we can pay full attention while she removes thin white tank-top revealing the black bra. I could not exactly see the bra’s model in close up but it looked like a product of Victoria’s Secret. Of course I can not be sure, because it was not that good of a close up. I am assuming if we were able to see a bit closer, it would show up as ‘new fashion’ item in the mall.

Lingerie fashion is amazing. I mean think about it how universal is that? I was in Turkey a couple years ago, all the bazaars had these glittery scarves. I was wondering why suddenly everywhere were selling these scarves which consist of beads with coins all over. I asked one of the salesman , who simply explain to me that was ‘the hot item’ they are selling now. They named it ‘Shakira’s Belt’ in Turkish. How on the earth were Shakira’s scarves now the most popular item around bazaars In Turkey was beyond my understanding. But I knew all Turkish women were trying to dance like her, with silky, jingly scarves on their hips, shaking vigorously.

Anyway, the woman in the clip takes off her tank-top and put on a black slip. Do not get too excited here as she undresses herself from behind. Do not start thinking of pornographic elements here. She walked into the kitchen with her satin slip. She starts to cut onions.

The man in the bedroom is still eagerly watching this sexy lady. It seems like Shakira in the role of a woman who gets orgasmic pleasure out of slicing onion. I wonder if that is why the music clip called ‘La Tortura’, the torture? Cutting an onion can be torture. I mean who would diced onions and laugh with joy? However Shakira might be representing a masochist woman according to the director.
Meanwhile the man already has a woman in his bed, who is sleeping. He is watching another woman and daydreaming about screwing her. Some people are just greedy. It is never enough.
We are well aware of the man in the bedroom fantasying about this woman who lives in a building across the street, is absolute an asshole.

The woman is singing a song, while crying and still chopping onions in the kitchen. We know something is awfully wrong here. Otherwise why would this women be on top of the kitchen counter while chopping onions. I have been cooking for years, and never thought of climbing on top of kitchen counter to chop the onions while wearing a slip.
The cameraman is showing us, her naked legs in close-up around the onions. Believe me, I can smell the onion from where I sit.

At one minute, into the video clip, we see the voyeur goes to her kitchen and hugs her from behind. If I were you, I would not do that. Are you kidding? She has a large knife in her hand. What if you say something and she does not like it? What if she is ticklish? You are very close to be chopped up next to the onions. She can make nice slices of your body. Perhaps our voyeur loves to take risks.

I am curious why would you like to have sex on the onion chopping area? Don’t you know anything about hygiene? As if you are cooking but your mind is full of sex. It is not even clean there! How do you know onions are not going to stuck somewhere on your bottom? That is not a clean way to cook! Although her fingernails were short and clean. I saw them when cameraman showing the sliced onions. You should finish your cooking, put the pot in the stove, turn the heat down, then go to have sex. You should not mix sex and cooking. There is a good chance that you might burn the food.

When they are busy with foreplay, the dirty girl who is covered up with black liquid still shaking her hips and boobs. My head spins watching her boobs jumping up and down. I am thinking that she must have a great backbone. How healthy she is! If I was trying to shake like her in two minutes, I know I would bitch about a backache for two months.

So is this oil-wrestler, dirty girl symbolic of his very Freudian sex drive?
Perhaps the first time they met was in a bar near a coal mine. Was she working there as a pole dancer? The black liquid was her stage costume then. Good old days eh? Why I am making up these unnecessary scenarios now?

Afterwords we see half chopped onions for a few seconds. I am assuming they finished the ‘smelly job’ finally. Apparently I judged too quickly. He is watching the sexy curly woman who is crawling around the living room. I think the voyeur is hungry now and gave a break to sex. How do I know, because he is eating Chinese take out with chopsticks, and watching her crawling, shaking, squatting in the floor. What should I think about this now?

The man has a pre-ejeculatation problem
His performance’s is bad when he is hungry
He has a small penis and he does not care about it
He is actually smart. He gave her a new vibrator , tells her, you do your own job, I just watch, when I am eating.

As we know, it was obvious from the half-chopped onions, she is good in bed. She can not cook though. Her food is not edible at all. That is why he brings the Chinese take out. So she tries out her new mini finger size vibrator on the floor.
I was wondering why he watches her and eats food for split second. Boom, we see dirty face and covered with black liquid wonder woman again. This time she shakes her hips on top of the roof.
Then there is another woman who is behind a shower glass window in the clip. Who is this woman then? Is that the dirty milkshake lady who gets tired of being dirty, jumps into the shower? Perhaps she said ‘ I am so sick of this, got to clean up now’, Since the shower lady is only seen silhouette, I can not be sure. Every dance clip should have at least one wet woman scene so that men will watch it eagerly.

At time index 2:35 in the clip, I realize that the black dirt was indeed black paint. Painters you might appreciative to this tip: Now on every time you paint a bedroom, imagine this girls is shaking her hips for you. The paint must be cheap there, otherwise you shower by paint with no particular reason. I must say it though; that paint is not going to come off easily. You will end up going Turkish bath at least two days in a row to clean up. Just saying.

In the third minute, we amazed that the curly hair woman is wearing a white bra or tan color. When did she change? We see a bit of lace of that bra. By looking at distance I might guess that looks like product of Frederick’s of Hollywood. I might be wrong but the lace quality speaks. Their lingeries are bit cheaper than Victoria’s Secret models. Wait a minute, she can afford an expensive bra set, what I am thinking of?

At the end of the clip, I say out loud ”Are you still sleeping? He is dreaming of having sex with the curly hair neighbor, a dirty wonder woman, you are still asleep. I would advice you to get rid of him. He is not a keeper, not a man who has a wondering eye’.

Where was the torture in this clip though? I was hoping to see some blood in the chopping onion scene. That did not happen and I am disappointed in a way. They could use some blood, a tiny cut at least? The director is too soft.

I wonder is sleeping beauty chick confidence of this guy because she knows wondering eye will not get very far with a small dick.

Since you read my article till the end, you should watch La Tortura video clip here: La Tortura

PS: I acknowledge watching a video in a foreign language ( I do not know Spanish ) allows for lots of interpretation.