Anna Ternheim – Quiet Night

Wallander – Anna Ternheim – Quiet Night

Quiet Night lyric

Quiet night, thought becomes a whisper.
Not a word you say could ever hurt me.
Screaming streets are so quiet now, they are sleeping,
just like we’re about to.
You say it’s worth it all, the troubles and the worries.
just knowing I’ll wake up with you again tomorrow.
And I say it’s worth it too – the madness, the bad dreams all go away with you.

And outside the life goes on.

So cool the things I’ve seen, no now that would scare you. I’ll keep that part of me away when I am near you.
‘Coz life is real enough and this is almost like a dream, even when I wake up.

And outside the life goes on…on…on…oh…