Asian Martket in Portland Oregon

Asian Markets in Portland Oregon

List of near by Portland Asian grocery markets

Fubonn Shopping Center
2850 SE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR 97266
Tel: (503) 517-8877
Fubonn Shopping Center is located on SE 82nd Ave. between Division & Powell in the heart of the Asian district.

An Dong Market
5441 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR 97206
Tel: (503) 774-6527
An Dong has a modest selection of meats – mostly pork, a wide selection of sauces, spices and pickled items. Lots of sauces and noodles. An Dong has vast selection of Chinese / Vietnamese produce and items.

10500 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy
Beaverton, OR 97005
Tel: (503) 643-4512
Uwajimaya is an Asian specialty supermarket providing the widest variety of Asian groceries and gifts and freshest meat, seafood and produce.

I have been there many times. I usually buy tofu, seaweed, rice noodles there. There are tons of fresh veggies that I have no clue what they are, also many pre-packaged products which there are no English labels on them, makes me do some mystery shopping. I still enjoy their collection of Asian products.

Oriental Food Value
8303 SE Insley St
Portland, OR 97266
Tel: (503) 775-8683
It offers lots of cooking supplies (soup bowls, soup spoons, woks, pans, utensils) as well as decent meat counter, fish, roasted ducks, fresh veggies.