Aurora HDR Photo Editor for MAC users

I have been using Aurora HDR last weeks. It is a great app to make fantastic images. The best feature is supporting noiseless layers. You can select the area, for instance make it lighter the sky, you will see noise pixels, then with brush tool you can de-noise only that area. Very effective! Not only you can add HDR effects but also with layers, you can add colors to specific parts of the image. It is easy to use, it comes with tons of setting to play with.

Sample images:
aurora hdr

aurora sample

Aurora HDR photo editor offers tone-mapping algorithms, native RAW support, powerful detail & color adjustments, layers, custom textures, presets and more.

aurora hdr

Export Image formats:

jpg, png, gif, tiff, psd, pdf, openexr
Import Image formats:
jpg, png, gif, tiff, psd,
raw, Sony arw ( supports only in pro version )

edited with Aurora HDR
edited with Aurora HDR

It comes with two version: Aurora and Aurora HDR Pro. Pro version has more detail adjustments and supports RAW file. Aurora HDR Pro has more photo presets. Advance control panel provides more adjustments in the image. It supports multiple image adjustments as well as single image. It has excellent layer feature to create noiseless images.

There is no text feature. When you share your photo Facebook or any other media, you can not add watermark text before hand. However you can open in Photoshop or Lightroom to add watermark text and resize before sharing.

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Aurora HDR™ Features:
Revolutionary tone-mapping technology (less noise, realistic results)
Advanced high quality image processing engine
JPEG, PNG, TIFF support
Adobe RGB wide color profile support
ProPhoto wide color profile support
Built-in sample photos
Native RAW files support (Aurora HDR Pro)
Real-time image processing
38 HDR presets in 5 categories
Signature presets by Trey Ratcliff (Aurora HDR Pro)
Custom presets import and export
Layers & Masking
Support of different Blend modes for Layers
Custom texture overlays
Luminosity masking
Custom brush for selective editing
Gradient masking tool
Layer source changing
Masking with brackets
Color clipping preview
Duplicate layer
Advanced Tone Mapping controls
Smart Tone technology
Highlights / Midtones / Shadows adjusters
Whites & Blacks
Advanced Structure & Clarity technology
HDR denoise
Image Radiance effect
Color contrast tool
Image Details enhancer tool
Glow effect
Graduated ND filter emulation (“Top & Bottom Lighting”)
Tone curve tool
Color filter tool – Selective coloring
Color toning
Automatic Alignment
Automatic Deghosting
Automatic Chromatic aberration reduction
Crop tool
Align image
Quick compare
Side by side comparison
Image navigator window
Full Screen preview mode
Facebook sharing
Flickr sharing
SmugMug sharing
Export to email
Export to iMessage
Export to other apps
Export to Photos for Mac
Export to Creative Kit apps
Photoshop plug-in (Aurora HDR Pro)
Lightroom plug-in (Aurora HDR Pro)
Aperture plug-in (Aurora HDR Pro)