Blue Moon

I am waiting to get dark, so I can take photos of the blue moon tonight.

Of course there is this definition: once in a blue moon (a long time) “something that happens once in blue moon almost never happens”.
I am not writing about this colloquial expression, I am actually interested taking photo of this moon phase. Probably stargazers know what I am talking about. Tuesday’s full moon rises to its peak at 9:45 p.m. eastern time.

Moon Phase/Time info for Portland Oregon:
Date: Aug 20, 2013
Moonrise: 7:41 PM
Moonset: 5:57 AM
Altitude: 32.5°
Distance (mi): 225,858 99.0%
Illuminated: 99.0%
Phase: Full Moon at 6:45 PM

I was at Rocky Butte to see moonrise tonight. There was a lot of haze, but I took my photos anyway. Moon was behind the Mt. Hood, slowly raised on the sky.

So what is a Blue Moon then?
There are in fact two definitions for a blue moon. According to the more recent definition, a blue moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. For a blue moon to occur, the first of the full moons must appear at or near the beginning of the month so that the second will fall within the same month (the average span between two moons is 29.5 days).

Here is my Blue moon shoot tonight at 10.35pm.
I used Sony Alpha 65 with Advanced VX 6″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope for this shoot.

Check out the video:

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