Buying Domain Name Tips

How to buy a domain name?

If you want to have a web site, you should buy and register your own domain name.
If your website is going to be use for your business, then a professional domain name gives you credibility, rather than using a domain like this:


It’s very important that if you are starting an online business, pick a name that people can easily find you on the web. Choose carefully what domains extension you want to buy: .com .net, .us, biz etc.
Always choose a domain name that is easy to spell. Keep it Short. Do not forget the maximum allowed size is 256 characters between any two dots below the top level characters. So keep the domain name as short a possible. That’s easier to type and remember.

What to look for in a good domain service from any domain and/or hosting company

Ask these questions: Does it come with ?
Domain Search & Registration
Domain Transfer
International Domains
Addon Domains Allowed
Subdomains Allowed
Domain Privacy
Parked Domains Allowed
Unlimited Domains
Dedicated IP Address
Full domain management

What to pay attention?

Look for ICANN accreditation
Check domain-transfer policies
Check the available name extensions; for instance do they have International Domains?
Registration rules; make sure the domain is registered to you. Read carefully what the registration fee includes.
You can use your product names as domain name
or you may use your advertising slogan as domain name
If you have a brand name, you may buy that as domain name too!
If you like to use your company name as your domain but the name is too long, then you can buy the abbreviation version of that name

Popular Domain Register/Hosting Companies

Network Solutions
Name Cheap

Top-Level Domains

If you are interested in getting new top level domain visit

Country Code Top-Level Domains

City New gTLDs

Generic and Functional New gTLDs