Buying international airline ticket

Do you often fly oversees?
I search for my plane ticket a lot to buy most economical one.

How to buy cheap ticket ?

  • Get newsletters from airline companies, time to time, they make good promotions
  • Try to be flexible when you are booking your flight.
    I found many times Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays cheaper tickets
  • Buy your ticket ahead of time, 30 to 45 days early ticket will be good timing
  • If you do not mind long lay over time between the flights 2 to 3 legs ( stops ) tickets are cheaper
  • Early morning or late night flights can be cheaper
  • Flying off-season will help you to get better price airplane tickets
  • Do not forget to ask about student, senior or military discounts
  • Often buying round trip ticket can save you money, sometimes even better than buying one way ticket
  • Frequent flyer card from any airline can offer you better deals
  • Always compare airline ticket prices at different websites online. Sometimes same ticket sells cheaper at different website
  • Small business credit cards with rewards programs can often supply good discount fare or help you to earn miles
  • Travel light, one baggage a time. You will pay for second baggage between $ 25 – $ 50 depending on the airline company.
    I look at these websites often for good airfare deals;
    If you are member of military, this website offers discount tickets

    I also look at airline websites such as;
    ( too bad Lufthansa canceled direct flight to Frankfurt, from Portland Oregon. That was the shortest flight between Frankfurt Germany to Portland, OR, USA, even though Frankfurt airport is a nightmare )
    (they have the most friendly stewards, just avoid flying from JFK, there are too many delays)
    ( I love Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, to me it is the best comfortable airport )

    Just keep in mind, if you get an American Express credit card, you can earn miles or save money when you travel.