As many people know that Turkish government blocked access to Twitter and YouTube as well as many free DNS service such as Google public domain name system service; (DNS or
People who want to use their Twitter accounts and watch YouTube videos started to use VPN services.
My sister lives in Turkey. She can not reach her Twitter account anymore. She is not computer savvy person. At the beginning of Twitter ban’s, she managed to switch her MAC’s DNS setting to a Google DNS. However just a few days later Turkish government blocked all the access well-known free public DNS services. Apparently that was not even enough for them, just to make sure nobody from Turkey should reach Twitter, Turk Telekom started to routing Twitter’s IP address and hijacked the DNS servers. Therefore in Turkey now no one can reach Twitter or YouTube without using a VPN or Tor software.
This morning my sister asked my help. I communicate with my family via Google hangout daily basis. With Google Hangout screen share I was able to help her download the Cactus VPN dmg file, and install it to her Mac. It worked flawlessly.
She was able to use CactusVPN within a few minutes with a happy smile in her face.
We immediately tasted if she could login Twitter and visit YouTube. There was no problem at all. Safari browser was fast, she was not seeing weird pages send by Turk Telekom!
Trying to banning websites, controlling people’s computers in 21st century is a lost battle. There are good VPN services out there to give you the freedom at least online world. Go grab one. Goverment’s have no right to bully people!

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