Choosing right platform for a website

Depends on what is your aim for your website, you have a lot of options to choose from. You can have static, dynamic or a flash website.
I do not design flash site, I personally do not suggest my clients using flash sites because of lack of search engine capability and iPad does not support flash. I believe eliminating iPad and iPhone users by just simply using flash site is not a good choice. However I suggest strongly to my clients using responsive HTML or PHP web sites. Using a responsive web design allows your website content to be displayed correctly to all users by adjusting the layout to accommodate screens of different sizes and orientation.

website size issue

1. Static HTML website
If you have only a few pages and your business does not require website changes, your website can be static HTML site.

2. Dynamic PHP website – WordPress
If you have constant changing content, and if you like to update your content by yourself then a WordPress site will be suitable for you.

a. Fixed size WordPress Theme
Fixed size layout can be 1024px, 980px, 960px, 720px or full page. You may have left, right or center align for your layout.

b. Responsive WordPress Theme
You can have re-sizable responsive theme which will respectfully re-size the them according to device and browser. Using responsive theme layout your site will be fluid and compatible with all mobile and tablet devices.These themes focus on Browser Compatibility as well as re-size capability. Therefore a responsive site will look same in large screen PC monitor as well as iPad, other tablet and laptop devices.

c. Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme
Compatible with All Mobile Devices Resolutions
Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and other smartphones; Linux/UNIX, Mac/Apple/iPhone, Windows
For mobile websites you should be aware of your content needs to show the most important information.Therefore if you have large content, elaborate navigation on your main website with lots of photos, you may consider of a mini-version of your website can be created with limited information as mobile friendly site.
Mobile market is increasing and lots of people using a mobile device to connect online. For this reason having a mobile friendly site is an advantage. In 2012 almost half of all mobile phone subscribers (about 111.2 million people) browse the web on their devices and use mobile apps.

So choosing either responsive theme design (optimizing the website layout ( fluid CSS) or mobile friendly theme for mobile devices and browsers is a smart choice. If you have a website take a look at that on your mobile phone or other table devices, see if you like the result. If you think you need to redesign it, maybe you should have an alternative design with a sub-domain allows your site runs smoothly with 480px resolution like iPhone or other smart phones , Android platform, vertically and horizontally. A responsive theme design can be huge update to your current site for tablets from resolution of 768px to 1024px like iPad or Samsung Tab Galaxy, as well as mobile devices.

Many WordPress mobile themes are compatible with touch-screen smartphone browsers: iPhone & iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry (from v.5), Windows Phone (from v.6.5), webOS, Bada, Symbian, Firefox Mobile, Opera Mobile