Coffee Machines

How many coffee machine you consume over the years?
It seems like we go through about 18 months. I do not prefer spending a lot of money on coffee machines
since it does not last much anyway I find it odd that you can not fix any of the small problems.
We used Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker by Cuisinart
A small peace broke and there was no replacement for that part.
Then we used Frigidaire Professional 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker by Frigidaire Professional .
This one with no particular reason it stopped heating it.

So we got new one today, a Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker.
I wonder how long this will last?
I would think large families would go through coffee makers quite fast, but here, we are only two people, and I do not drink that much coffee even.I actually like tea!

In any case, I still would not spend over $500 for a coffee maker, that just ridiculous…