Common File Extensions

What do we know about file extension?

.ai – Adobe Illustrator

.aif/.aiff – Audio AIFF files

.aifc – Compressed AIFF file

.asp – Active Server Page

.au – Audio sound file

.avi -Video file

.bmp – Microsoft bitmapped file

.cfm – Cold Fusion Metafile

.css – Cascading Style Sheet

.dcr/.dir./dxr – Shockwave files

.dll – Dynamic Link Library element

.doc – Microsoft Word text file

.eps – Encapsulated Postscript File (graphic)

.exe – Self extracting file

.fhd -Freehand

.gif -Graphics Interchange Format graphic used primarily on the Web

.gz – Compressed file made by gunzip

.hqx – Mac BinHex Archive

.htm/.html – Hypertext Markup Language file

.jpg/.jpeg – Joint Photographic Expert Group graphic used primarily on the Web

.lib – A Library file

.mid/.midi – Musical Instrument Digital Interface audio file

.mov – QuickTime movie file

.movie – Movie file by Silicon Graphics

.mpg/mpe – Movie

.p65 -PageMaker 6.5 file

.pbm – Portable Bitmap Image

.pcd -Kodak photo CD image

.pdf -Portable Document File

.pic – A common graphic image file format

.pl – Perl source file

.png – Portable Network Format graphic used primarily on the Web

.ppt -PowerPoint file

.ps -Postscript file

.pub – Microsoft Publisher file

.qt – QuickTime movie

.qxd – QuarkXPress file

.ra – RealAudio file

.rar -WinRAR Compressed Archive (RarLab)

.rtx/.rtf – Rich Text Format

.sea – Self extracting Stuffit file

.shtm, shtml – Server-Side Includes

.sit – Stuffit archive

.snd – Digitized sound file

.swf – Shockwave Flash file archive

.tar – A Compressed file

.tif/.tiff – Tagged Image File Format graphic file

.txt – An ASCII text file you can open with Notepad

.wav – Waveform audio file

.wpd – WordPerfect file

.wrl/.wrz – VRML 3D file

.xll -Excel file by Microsoft

.xml -Extensible Markup Language

.zip – Compressed file expanded by WinZip (PC) or Stuffit (Mac)

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