How to copy and paste HTML code into your blog?

If your website is a WordPress site, at some point you might want to add some HTM code to your page or post.
That could be a PayPal button HTML code, a YouTube embed HTMl code, or any simple HTML tag’s you prefer using it.
Such as HR tag which creates a thin line the page once you write this HTML html code <HR>

As you can see a thin line added to the page. Or perhaps you might like to create space between two paragraph or sentences, then you add <br />

Or for larger spaces adding this HTML tag <p>&nbsp;</p>

So how do you copy/pasting HTML code into WordPress? Or write HTML code into your page?

It is actually very simple: All you have to do, login your dashboard, open a page or post to edit, then click on text tab next to Visual, then you can use your formatting tags.

html view
HTML code view

Once you are in text mode, you can copy and paste your HTML code there, or write your HTML tags. After you typed your code, click on publish ( if that is brand new page or post) , or click on update ( if that page or post already published before ) button. You are done!

update button
update button

Always click on blue publish/update button to see changes you made.

publish button
publish button