How to create a page in a WordPress site?

It is simple to create a page on your blog.
Just follow these steps:
1. Login to your site.

Once you are in your dashboard look at sidebar on your left.

You will see Pages

2. Click on Pages button



It will appear Add New  button in two places, you may click any of it.

3. When you click on it will open a new window.



You can type your text  in there . You can use toolbar to make bold, italic, different color of text, underline etc of the text as you wish.

You can also copy and paste from a Word document, or text document that you already have on your computer.


If you are copying from a text document click on T button before paste it.

If you are copying from a word document click on W button before paste it.

You can create as many static pages as you like. There is no restriction for creating such pages like About US Page, Contact Us Page, Portfolio Page, Privacy Policy Page and more. However two things you should pay attention:

Keep the page names short. Since pages will appear on your navigation menu, you do not want long names as a menu name. One or two short words are proper.

If you created many pages, you should create hierarchical drop downs, so it is easier for your visitors to read. You can choose the page appear on the menu or omit it. To adjust your menu structure please read this article here:

Typing or copying and pasting text fairly simple. One thing you should remember though: you can not copy paste a picture from a word document. You need to upload the picture into your page.

Read more details about adding images to your blog here: How to add photos into your blog

Once you are dine typing click on publish button on your right.
The page will publish on your blog.

Remember always click on blue publish/update button to publish online. Of course you can also click on Preview button to see your changes before publishing it.