Customizing Twitter Account

Do you use Twitter? If so you might like to edit your settings.
You can add a header image to your Twitter account; the recommended dimensions is 1252×626 pixel.
If this is your personal account you might not care so much of customizing, but if you are using Twitter for your business, you might like to match your icons, background and header images to fit your business website branding images.

To customize your header photo:

Sign in to your account.
Go to your Settings and click on the Profile tab.
Click on Change Header to upload a new header photo or remove your existing header photo (file must be smaller than 5MB).
Select the image you would like to upload.
Click Save.
You’ll see a notification that your image has successfully been published to your profile.
To update your name, bio, website, and location info:

Visit the Profile tab in your settings, or click the Edit profile button on your profile page.
Make the desired changes to your name, bio, website, or location.
Click Save changes. You’re all set!

You might upload your twitter profile icon image size minimum 128 x 128 pixels (the better size will be 256 as png, jpg or gif file)
Your profile picture is viewable to visitors who are not logged into Twitter.
Tiny icon will be display next to your twit will show as 48×48 pixel.
If anyone click on your profile, then the icon size will be display as 73×73 pixel.

Background Image:
Suggested Twitter background image size 1024×760 ( the most common screen size ). Remember to keep it simple and not big size, that way it downloads faster.