Dare to touch organic foods

This morning when I read this news, I decided to write an article about it.
“Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas, cucumbers for sexual resemblance”.
Islamic women should not touch cucumber, bananas, carrots and zucchini. So far this is the short list. The question is what is wrong with touching certain foods? What if women touch these and even eat them? According to an Islamic cleric women may think about sex while consuming these foods.

One Islamic cave man may think that way; ‘women touch certain foods can think of sex’, as if men do not. It is even funny to hear about it, but people take this serious? Are you kidding me? Why this is even considered a news? I guess pure entertainment, while you drink your tea or coffee reading it with a smile on your face.

In my case, I laugh a lot. This reminded me another pathetic piece of news;
Al Qaeda’s enforcement of an absurd Islamic law that grocers can not display cucumbers and tomatoes in close proximity.

Here is the a but why question here:
But why always Islamic men think that women obsess with sex?
Therefore they need to enforce banning women to not even touch foods.
Let’s face it women cook more throughout in history right? Traditionally Islamic men do not cook at home, women cook and serve to them. So how come always women think about sex while even cooking? Is this the women thinking or men thinking?

Can you really imagine an ordinary Islamic woman who want to make a salad, she goes to grocery shopping and sees tomatoes next to cucumbers. Will that make her arouse? Let’s assume she puts the cucumber between two tomatoes on the counter in her kitchen, will that remind her a face or something else? Don’t you think this Islamic man have a tendency of thinking below the waist? While he was living in Europe expressing his lovely thoughts on women thinking (it is not clear in the article how he knows what women think, but that is not important issue I guess) and trying to prevent them from sin. Obviously thinking about sex must be sinful according to this man.

I like to ask sane readers where do you think this man belongs to?
(please do not reply if you are a fanatic religious insane person) – a bit redundant
1- A cave, somewhere in a desert that does not grow cucumbers, bananas, carrots and zucchinis around.
2- A mental institution, until he learns foods are simply eatable objects he can not possible read women minds.

I used to think people can learn, grow out of their fears, learn from their mistakes, can change. I would even go further to say people can behave better if they are in the right environment.
Unfortunately there are a lot of bad examples out there. Nothing you can do about them; they insist on staying as delusional as they could be.

May I suggest a traditional Turkish recipe CACIK to Islamic women then?
Lebanese called this dish ‘tzadziki’ and Greek says ‘tsatsiki’ mezza.
Turks consume cacık all the time, it is healthy and delicious.

All you need a handsome cucumber, a cup of yogurt and water.
Peel the skin of cucumber. Then diced the cucumber in very small pieces. Some prefer shredding it.
If that makes you happy, go ahead.
In a large deep bowl put a cup of plain yogurt.
Mix well with shredded cucumber. Add 1/2 cup of water and stir until water dissolve and cacık is thicken.
Add salt for taste , you may decorate with dried mint on top.
Chill in refrigerator before serving.
In Turkish you may say “Afiyet olsun”.

It would be a nice gesture if any female neighbor of this guy serve this dish for him with a smile.

“Islamic cleric bans women from touching bananas, cucumbers for sexual resemblance”
Read the original news here: bikyamasr.com