Displaying email address on the web

Every day spammers look for insecure email addresses from the web.

If you have a web page or a blog and used your email without any secure coding sooner or later you will be targeting by spammers.

You should never put your email address to the web such as: myname@mywebsite.com

Or any other gmail, yahoo, etc. email address on your website.

If you have a WordPress blog website you have 3 alternative options to use:

1. Use a CAPTCHA secure form as your email contact address. Captcha script can be used with your existing HTML forms as well as you can download free plug in to your WordPress site.

Try these plug ins:

  • – Captcha | By BestWebSoft
  • – Fast Secure Contact Form for WordPress | By Mike Challis

2. Use a photo or graphic as your email address on the web and if you like to make the image active link, then send the user to contact form like this:

The image can be animated gif as well as a photo.

send email

The advantage of using a graphic, your email address can be read by human, but not by bad robots, spiders, spammers.

3. You may use a java-script to protect your email address.

<script type=”text/javascript” language=”JavaScript”>// <![CDATA[
document.write(‘<a href=”mailto:yourname‘ + ‘@’ + ‘yourwebsite.com“>’ + ‘yourname‘ + ‘@’ + ‘yourwebsite.com</a>’);
// ]]></script>

Just change the red parts for your email address.