DIY Mint Infused Oil

If you are a mint lover you might try to make your own mint oil to use cooking or homemade toothpaste adventure. Perhaps you grow mint in your garden like I do, it is easy to store your mint as oil, use within 6 months.
How to make Mint Infused Oil at home?
It is a simple process. All you need; a glass jar with a good lid (I use small jam jars for that purpure. After I finish the jar, I wash it, take the label of, dry it for a new purpose, keep it in my kitchen either for a new project or put spices in it, when I buy bulk spices).
Grape seed oil, fresh mint and a mesh strainer or cheesecloth.
mint infuse

First remove mint leaves from branches. Wash carefully let them air dry or dry with a paper towel all water out of them. Fill the glass jar with mint leaves. Add grape seed oil till the lid. Cover the jar with the lid and put it aside.
You can leave the jar to infuse on a bright sunny windowsill or in a nice warm spot in your kitchen.
Stir every day for the first week then leave to infuse for another two to four in a dark cool place ( such as garage or kitchen cabinet).
How long you should wait?
If it is summer, then 7-10 days.
If it is winter up to 4 weeks.
Depends on the temperature, your waiting time changes.
After you’ve let the oil infuse at least for a week, using a strain or cheesecloth filter out all the leaves from the jar.Always keep the lid tight on the jar. You should label the jar so you can remember what oil it is.