Dolma or sarma?

The question came from Caesandra N Seawell
“Nur, teach me the difference between sarma and dolma–is it the filling or the wrap?”

In Turkish dolma means you fill veggies with something. It is usually rice, or mince meat with rice.
You make dolma from these veggies: zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, pepper.

What is sarma then?
On the other hand sarma means you fill and roll ( wrap style ) the veggies such as grape leaves filled with rice.

You can make sarma from kale leaves, grape leaves, cabbage leaves.


Yaprak sarma : Grape leaf roll
Pazı yaprağı sarması : Kale leaf wrap

Kabak Dolma : Stuffed zucchini
Patlıcan dolma: Stuffed eggplant
Biber dolma: Stuffed pepper
Domates dolması: Stuffed tomatoes

You can make dolma fresh vegetables or dried.
You may even make dolma out of flower such as zucchini plant flower
Kabak Çiçeği Dolması . It is very popular in Bodrum as well as Kos island, Greece.

Here it is the fresh stuffed zucchini recipe: Kabak Dolması

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