Drinking sütlü kahve

Would you like to have a cup of Turkish Coffee “sütlü kahve” milky coffee?
I like drinking sütlü kahve in the afternoons.
Take a break from my work, make the coffee in my cezve slowly.
Then I sit in my soft armchair, my coffee next to me, I read my newspaper on my mini iPad.
We all develop a particular taste of what we like. I drink my tea and coffee with milk, I know it does not sound Turkish way at all. In fact, it is not. But I like milk taste inside my hot drinks.


When I was a little girl, I wanted to try to drink Turkish coffee, like all adults I knew. They drink Turkish coffee during the day. Sometimes after the breakfast, sometimes after lunch, or dinner. But there was always the time for a chit chat and coffee. However Turkish coffee is very strong for kids’ taste. My grandmother used to make sütlü kahve for all her grandchildren. I loved her way of doing it. I drink strong Turkish coffee very seldom, anytime I visit Turkey. But at home I still have a habit to make sütlü kahve, the way my gram used to make it for me. I love the taste, it also have bunch of sweet memories.
You can always have time to drink your favorite drinks ( coffee, tea, hot chocolate, whatever it is) and day dream, smile for your memories. It helps to think positive…
At least in my case. Then let me say bona petite, “afiyet olsun” in Turkish…

How to make sütlü kahve?
For each person, put 1 teaspoon Turkish coffee
I cup of milk into the cezve. ( cezve is the Turkish coffee maker pot)
Add 1 tsp granulated sugar. (if you do not like sugar, you may skip it)
Stir a few times, then let it cook in slow heat. When the foam of the coffee risen, water starts to boil, turn the heat off.
Pour it in a cup, serve alone or a piece of candy like most Turks do.

In Portland Oregon you can buy cezve, Turkish coffee cups and the Turkish coffee from Barbur World Foods Market.
Address: 9845 SW BARBUR BLVD, PORTLAND, OR 97219