How to edit a page in a WordPress site?

To edit an existing page into your blog follow these steps:
1. Login to your site.
2. When you are logged in, you will see look the blue sidebar on your left in your dashboard. It will have vertical hierarchical drop down buttons.
3. There You will see Pages. Click on Pages button
4. It will open a window which has a list of your existing pages.
You can choose which page you want to edit in that list.
Too chose the page, select and click on the checkmark.
Once you select when you hover with your mouse on the title, (name of the page) it will appear 4 buttons you can choose:
edit, quick edit, trash view.

edit button

If you click edit button will open in a new window, there you can edit an existing page.

You can retype the text, change wording, add photos or link to the page.


Once you are happy for your changes click on the blue update button on your left.



Do not forger until you click on update button, nothing happens. WordPress will save the changes but not publish it. You can also click on Preview button to see your changes before publishing it.