For your Apple Magic Mouse a cool charger

I am a mac user. I enjoy using magic mouse when I travel. Daily basis I use Intuos4. I am very happy with that. But when I travel I use magic mouse, it’s sleek and easy to use. One thing I do not like is; changing batteries regularly.
How about you? Don’t you like changing batteries too?
I discovered there is a solution for that . Mobee Technology offers a practical charger for your mouse.

The Magic Charger™ from Mobee Technology is the world first inductive charger dedicated for the Apple Magic Mouse™.
A Magical solution to recharge your Magic Mouse™ that takes only 1 minute to setup !

The Main Features

Wireless Charging Technology : Charging your Magic Mouse™ will be as simple as placing your mouse on top of the base station.
Ultra Slim Design for Mobile User : With 6 days autonomy after a full recharge, if you travel for more than one week with your Magic Mouse™ you just need to carry a 0.35 in / 9mm thick base station.
A greener way to use your Magic Mouse™ : Stop trashing batteries, Stop disassembling your Magic Mouse™ to change your batteries. Let the Magic Charger™ to manage everything and help protecting the environment.
A Cost Effective solution for Home, Travel & Office Use : The Magic Charger™ is cost effective after one year of Home Usage & six months of office usage. As an IT Manager, this will become your favorite solution for all your iMacs & MacBooks in Offices, Universities etc … You don’t need to care about battery replacement.
USB Powered : Plug the base station to any USB port in order to allow the recharge, you don’t even need an external power supply.
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