Garden Battle

Everyone thinks that I am dealing with cancer which takes all my energy. I get incredible amount advice, suggestions every day. Some tells me who they know as cancer patients and won cancer battle, they live cancer free. Some talks about a movie they watched, recommend me because it is very uplifting; therefore, I should watch it too. It is all good to hear, people who care about me and give me moral support. I do appreciate their efforts. However, lately, I actually do not think about my cancer at all. I do not think cancer is even a problem in my life. The truth is all my attention goes to my garden. I am in the battle with squirrels, chipmunks and mice!

I have a tiny garden and in there I try to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables. I have no problem growing plants. Whenever I buy seed and grow them in small pots, in a short time, all turn to great plants. It is almost fantastic journey to me to watch a seeds turn into a plant. Watching seeds sprout gives me joy. I make sure all my plants has consistently damp soil. They get enough sunshine, and keep them warm. Therefore, they are happy plants, when they reach certain size, I plant them into larger flower pots and place them in my garden. To this process everything works like champ. No problem at all. I enjoy drinking my tea in the garden, watching my my young plants turning their head towards sun about two days only. Then my garden nerve breaking days starts. Either squirrels or chipmunks or mice come to my garden eat all my fresh plants!

In total I have 80 flowers pots in the garden. I planted some herbs; mint, parsley, arugula, sage, dill, oregano, lavender and some flowers. On the ground I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, leek, green onions.
Just because you plant something, that does not mean it will grow. You have to pay attention, sunshine, watering regularly, and most importantly you need to protect the plant from bugs and animals.

My house is one of the 10 buildings all have garden. I am the only one trying to grow veggies in the garden. At the end of the street there is Willamette river. We have no water problem in Portland Oregon. There is plenty rain, and water is cheap. Even though I miss sunny days during winter, the summer is really good here. Especially if you are a menopausal woman, who loves to walk around without sweating, riding bicycle, cool summer days, then Portland is your ideal location.

I love reading book in my garden, looking at my flowers, smell the fragrant of star Jasmin, honeysuckle, watch butterflies flying around my lavender, I am delighted by the sight.
Every morning when I got up first thing I do, go to my garden, look at the damage. Either is my freshly planted flowers would be eaten, or my pepper plants’s leaves were chewed and soil were dug out of the pots. Even Rob’s double-digging garden bed ‘the veggie area’ gets damage from cute looking squirrels.

Couple weeks ago, I collected small tree branches, shredded some plastic bags, tied them into brunches, and placed them in many pots. I was thinking maybe that would scare them. I wished, but that did not turn out as I expected so. I saw next day, many of the branches are thrown the floor, I even saw one of the branch tip was eaten! Same day my parsley pot was totally empty. Nur’s salad bar serve the purpose for them.

If you heard me cussing in English, Turkish, German and Spanish, you would ask yourself who is this sailor yelling like that. I even surprised myself how much swearing I could do in 4 languages, I guess my vulgar vocabulary is rich.

About 10 days ago while I was having breakfast, I glanced out my glass balcony door and a squirrel turn around and wiggle its ass at me. In his mouth there it was pink peony. It looked at my face, a few second then jumped to neighbor’s tree with my peony. I have no doubts it makes fun of me.

That’s it, I said to my self. No more mercy to you and trying to get rid of you peacefully. I tried everything, ( you may read here ) no more.

That is enough, you may be the clever Sellwood area squirrel, but I am not a quitter! Now on, the situation will be ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth’.

I took all my pepper plants, a few flower pots, and hid them inside the plastic green house. I realized the green house’ plastic was short, so I covered all the open areas with chicken wire. I do not know for sure who eats my plants more, but I do not care, all I want to protect my organic veggie projects.

I was so happy for about 3 days, until I found well-chewed pepper leaves on the ground inside my green house. I was furious. I went a garden store and bought two pack mouse poison. Rob planted these next to flower pots.
Here is the next day damage report: The poison is untouched, all the flowers are eaten. Not only that, the green onions on the balcony were eating till the roots!

Am I growing a mini Godzilla in my garden that that I do not know?

I saw a discount ad for a 6″x8″ polycarbonate green house for $200, normally $399. It is too big for my garden, but it looked a well constructed product. I was chatting on Facetime with my sister, asked her opinion. We both agree, to grow for a few pepper plants paying $200, and getting a green house was silly idea.

What did I do next day? I bought one. Now with Rob, we need to do a DIY project to cut the green house in half! Look at me, because of a few darn animals, what I am turning into?

While I was on the road to buy the green house, I was texting with my friend in Paris. He was typing about ‘a new hunger cure‘ for cancer treatment. It is related to sanogenesis approach, (sano-genetic or pathogenetic) influence. He was saying that basically you do not eat couple of days just drink water, it is a kind of fasting situation. The aim is starve the cancer cells.

He was mention that for better heath once on while doing this method helps to improve immune system in the body. He said that eating food triggers by brain. He typed “we consider eating 3 separate meals every day is heathy but it is addiction.’. I told him, I like eating, nothing wrong with that.

I thought about that for a few minutes. Surely I agree on obese people have food addiction. But calling normal weight people addicted to food was a bit too much for me. Since last 8 months I was eating small amounts every 2-3 hours, I could not call myself addict, could I? I saw so many people turn into skeletons under chemo therapy. Most people loose weight while poisoned by chemo drugs, they lose their appetite. They did not seem healthy to me.

On the other hand, during my long chemo days, I was eating Mexican dishes, high protein foods, I even managed to gain 3 kilos in 5 months. I was craving watermelon these stressful 8 hours long chemo treatment, and sending Rob to get me some. No, I was not an addict.
Meanwhile I was thinking should I cook muffin when I go back to home for tea time?
I was dreaming how tasty cherry tomatoes, earthy banana peppers, sweet juicy strawberries I will grow in my new green house. I am not addict, I am just opposed to producing organic foods for squirrels.