Graphic Icons and CSS Tools

For WordPress Users Free Graphics Icons

You can enhance your WordPress blog with graphics. Here are a few websites provide free icons.

CSS or gif images Rounded Corners:

Website  Buttons:

Simple nav buttons

A well written CSS tutorial with free code:
click for demo here

Glitter button maker. Use for call it action button

Creating Rounded Boxes:

WordPress plug-Ins

You can buy and install WordPress plug-in Lizatom these shortcodes are pre-designed CSS codes with icons.
Learn more details here:
WP Live CSS Editor By Sergio Daroca Fernández.
A CSS live Editor that allows you to preview realtime CSS changes and then save the CSS back while keeping dated backups.
Custom CSS for Posts and Pages (CCSS) By Gerasimos Tsiamalos.
Custom CSS let’s you include a custom css file per post/page.
Add Admin CSS By Scott Reilly.
Interface for easily defining additional CSS (inline and/or by URL) to be added to all administration pages.

elFinder By studio 42 + jibiel
elFinder is an open-source file manager for web. All general operations with files and folders on a remote server (copy, move,
upload, create folder/file, rename and more).

One-Click Child Theme By tychay
Useful for shared hosts, this allows you to easily create child themes from anytheme just by clicking.

EmbedItPRO is a free plugin that allows you to embed any html code in a post (or page), deciding precisely where to embed it.
Learn more info here:

WP Web Fonts By Stephan Ahlf
Brighten up your blog with Web fonts from google. Take a look at the screenshots area area to give you an idea how easy it is.
Search hundreds of web font families for example on, then add the one you like to your Blog!

You can also use any photo editor to create shapes, icons for your site.
MAC users can visit these app developers:
Image Tricks Lite is a freeware application
ImageWell V3 – The Handy Image Editor that will save you time and