Hand Roll – Temaki Sushi

I love sushi! I adore Temaki! Just because it is endless possibilities there. You can fill it whatever you like.
So this Sunday I made 2 types of Temaki; with liver and seafood version.
First of all you make “Sushi Rice” which is steamed rice seasoned with rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Then you fill inside the Temaki as you wish. I know most sushi or had rolls are made of raw fish or seashell, but I only eat cooked fish or any meat. I prefer being safe side of not eating raw meat in order to avoid getting parasites or worms from them.

1 cup cooked sushi rice ( learn how to make sushi rice here )
3 sheet of nori (thick seaweed sheet, you cut into half these sheets so it makes 6 hand rolls)

Temaki Fillings
1/4 cup of fried liver
2 tbsp baby shrimp (cooked in a fresh mandarin juice a few minutes)
2 tbsp oysters (cooked in a fresh mandarin juice a few minutes)
1 small grilled fish
1 Cucumber
1 Carrot
Bean sprouts
1 Avocado
2 tsp Roasted sesame seed

For Dipping
2 Tablespoons soy sauce
1 tsp wasabi paste ( optional )
Pickled ginger ( optional )


You should sliced all veggies and fruits into thin lengthwise slices. It is easier to fill nori sheets with thin long slices. I filled 3 hand rolls with liver and other 3 of them with seafood ingredients. I cooked in a frying pan shrimps with oysters in freshly squeezed mandarin juice a few minutes for fillings.

There is a great Japanese blog where I have read her Temaki recipe:

Nori is the Japanese name for edible seaweed species. One sheet of Nori, which weighs 2.5 grams, contains just 5 calories. One sheet of nori meets 70 percent of the daily value for iodine. Nori is a good source of vitamin C, meeting 10 percent of the daily value in one sheet. It also has potassium, vitamin A, iron and magnesium.

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