HappyLight 2500 Energy Lamp

Verilux HappyLight 2500 Energy Lamp
When you’re not getting enough natural daylight, take this portable pair with you for an attitude adjustment and just the boost you need to perform at your best.

The HappyLight® 2500 Specs:

  • Up to 2500 LUX of Natural Spectrum Daylight to lift spirits, sharpen concentration and improve energy levels
  • Recalibrate and normalize the body’s natural rhythms for a healthy night’s sleep
  • Bring all the benefits of daylight indoors without the harmful rays
  • Sleek, space-saving design is ideal for home, office or dorm room
  • Includes an energy ef?cient, cool burning 26 Watt bulb that produces 150 Watts of Natural Spectrum Daylight
  • Dimensions: 9” H x 4.75” W x 2.25” D
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs
  • UL listed in United States and Canada

More info at the website: http://www.verilux.com

When I came back from a long trip to Turkey and Greece, I noticed how dark Portland is. Living in a moody, rainy, overcast, cloudy city, makes you feel that you are missing the life almost. I do not know how other people handles it but I sure miss sunshine. I have many LED lights at home. Some brighter than others, but it seems like not you can still have more. Naturally nothing compares to sunshine, but when Rob got me this light as birthday gift, I I kept it on my desk. It helps me wake up, and work under better lighting.

happy light