Homemade Turkish Yogurt

I love eating yogurt. In USA, finding a good thick plain yogurt sometimes difficult and expensive. Some stores sell Chobani yogurt, hoever I make my own at home. Making yogurt is actually fairly simple. Consuming homemade yogurt is much cheaper and healthier at home.

46 FL OZ Milk = 1.36 L
5 tbsp Yogurt ( plain Turkish yogurt, I used %2 Reduced Fat milk, if you prefer oiler use whole milk )
Here is the step by step description of how you make homemade Turkish yogurt at home:
Use a large glass jar to make it. I use old pickle jar to do that. Make sure the glass jar odor-free, very clean.
In a deep pot boil the milk. Stir occasionally. Make sure that milk’s temperature reaches 180 F. Then let the milk cool off until it’s temperature falls 120 F. If you let the temperature falls under that number, yogurt will not cultivate properly.
Put the starter yogurt into the glass jar. Add some warm milk on top and stir carefully. Yogurt should dissolve inside the milk. Then add the rest of the milk. Stir a few times.
Put the jar somewhere warm, keep it in a room tempature. You should also cover the jar to keep the temperature warm for a while. I use a kitchen towel to cover the jar. Then cover with polar blankets around it. Keep the blankets wrapped up jar about 12 hours. Then you can unwrap it and keep the homemade yogurt in the refrigerator.