How do you create Paypal Buttons?

Many people use Paypal. It is simple, safe and offers very reasonable shopping cart system for website owners. Paypal has 113 million active accounts in 190 markets and 25 currencies around the world. You can read more info about their system here:
You can sell items on your website without having complicated shopping cart system by using PayPal.
I would recommend small web business owners especially WordPress blog site owners using PayPal before buying any e-commerce hosting package. Before starting to sell on your website make sure that your PayPal account is verified.


If you have a few items let’s say 1 to 4, you can use Buy Now button.
If you have more items to sell then you should create Add to Cart button.
If you are aiming to sell reoccurring items, goods, digital products or services then you should create Subscribe Button.
You can also create Donation buttons as well as Gift Certificate buttons.

How do you create a Buy Now PayPal Button?

  • Log in to your PayPal Premier or Business account at
    The My Account Overview page opens.
  • Click on Merchant Services. This option will be found in the primary navigation area.
    Then Click on Create payment buttons for your website.
  • Merchant Services
  • Choose your button type from drop down menu.
  • choose button style

    Fill the information about your button; item name, item ID, price, shipping, tax etc.
    You can also use your own graphic for customized Paypal button.

    customize the button


    • Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the Create Button button. You can preview your button look.
    • Click the Select Code button on the Websites tab to select all of the generated HTML code.
    • Copy the text that you selected to the clipboard, by:
    • Pressing Ctrl+C.– or –
    • Right-clicking your mouse and select Copy.
    • Then paste the code into your website.
      If you are using WordPress blog site then make sure you switch the view HTML before you paste into your page or post entry.
    HTML view

    Types of PayPal Buttons

    Types of PayPal Buttons

    What is Buy Now Buttons?
    When you use PayPal’s Buy Now Buttons, you can accept single-item purchase payments. A Buy Now button can sell one or more units of a single item. You can create as much as you need Buy Now buttons for additional items that you want to sell.
    Subscribe button : Use Subscribe buttons to obtain subscription payments automatically from buyers for access to online content and services or for regular delivery of goods.

    To learn more, read the Website Payments Standard Integration Guide.

    Adobe Acrobat is required to read PayPal’s manuals.