How do you rate?

Internet gives tremendous power to people who like to badmouth others. If you search any subject you will see many pros and cons about that subject. You probably find more bad reviews and comments on the web than good ones.

I have been dealing with Angie’s List rating system lately. If you Google it, or search this delicate subject on any other search engines you will read a lot of complaint about the system. There are even websites for it such as: , , list goes on.

I will not tell that my experience with Angie’s List as bad as they claim. On the contrary I understand their concerns’ to protect their reviewers rights. However I think there is a little glitch in the system. If they fix it, still is very valuable website in my opinion.

I have to admit I do not share other people’s negative views about Angie’s List system as a failing rating system. Yes, everyone can try to fool a rating system. That does not imply the system is broken, it just shows it can be handle better. You can always improve a web program ( Rating system, review system , etc. ).

Let me clarify that I have talked to Angie’s List representatives, advertisers, sales people as well as technical support via email and on the phone many times.

  • Yes the sales people try hard to sell you advertising options. This does not means they are bad, they are trying to do their job. You have option to say NO and still be nice to them. I have talked to them several times on the phone, I have never obligated to give an ad! if it was above my budget I did not. No hard feeling.
  • Every time I contact  Angie’s List technical support or Business center support team I get respond within 24 hours! In my experience, that is very good timely manner respons for a big company.
  • I also contact Angie’s List via Twitter , they respond within a few minutes. That is very fast indeed.

So my concern only relies if they can do a little better rating system from reviews to protect also business providers. Perhaps you can call it philosophical or ethical question here:

How can you rate a person’s work if you have never worked together? 

I am the top rated web designer in Angie’s List. I did not pay for an ad in Angie’s List, yet I am the top rated .That proves Angie’s List actually ( even tough there are a lot of bad mouth comments about how Angie’s List providers pay for their ratings ) does not force people to put an ad to their magazine or websites.


Now let’s look at my case:

I have been using Angie’s List since 2006. I do care about my reviews. I got A rating from most of other clients. Only 2 F from people I have not worked with!
So I think Angie’s List should consider to make some difference on the system. People who did not work together should not effect the rating system. It is a wrong approach to take it.


When I contacted to support team about this problem I get this answer from Mike Sheetz: ( Mike Sheetz, Business Center, Angie’s List (866) 843-5478 )

“In some instances Members and Non-Members of Angie’s List may have an experience or interaction with a Service Provider, and in the end no work is performed. These scenarios could include a voicemail or email left by a member that was never returned by the Service Provider, a phone conversation in regards to having services performed, or maybe even an estimate. In these instances a review can still be submitted on a Service Provider based on the interaction.

These are considered “No-Work Done” reviews, and are worth only a fraction of a “Work Done” review. In this case Members or Non-members will be able to share their experience in regards to their interaction with the Service Provider; however they are not permitted to submit a grade in regards to the “Price” or “Quality” categories.”

It is understandable respond from them. But here are the questions I have: Mr Mike wrote ” a review can still be submitted on a Service Provider based on the interaction
Well in my case I did not get the email.
But if you look at closely the rating you will read these:
So they do actually rate you based on:
Price N/A
Quality N/A

So if you did not send an email reply to the question ( the sender’s emails can be in your junk folder mistakenly, you might be out of town, you might be sick, you might be traveling to another country, etc.) you will still get rate by your Overal: Responsiveness, Punctuality and Professionalism.

Then here is my question: How can a person can rate you if you never work for him or her?

When I brought up this question to Angie’s List support team , most of them replied to me like this:
“I certainly understand your frustration, however we do not remove negative reviews. Our members own their reviews and are responsible for their content. As a service provider, though, you have the option to respond to reviews, and I encourage you to do so. “

I have login to business center to check if there was a respond button. Here is the screenshot ” there was not in that particular review.
responds PS: I did not show the person’s email, name, and address on the screenshot to respect his privacy.

There was no post a respond button in that review, there are under all other reviews I have!
Yet, my question still same how come a person is eligible to give a rating to a service provider without working with her or him?

Is there any logical argument about this?
If there is please let me know.

Also I disagree  with this statement;  when they told me on the phone and in their emails ” However, the review only counts .2 of a review from someone who work was performed. So, it doesn’t really have much weight.” The negative rating does effect a service providers rating score even if only 0.2 ! Would it not be better people who submit reviews ( good or bad ) in a separate category if they actually never worked together?  As a result we are judging here someone’s work performance, if you never worked with that person/company, your rating purely based on something else.

Thanks for reading this long philosophical argument.


Will I continue using Angie’s List? Yes.

Can they improve their Reviews rating system? Yes.

We all learn from our mistakes. It is easy to label a person, a company who does bad job! It is much harder to play fair game on the web.

Nur Roy