How to add a link?

How to add a link on a page or post entry?

First write the text that you want to use for your link.

The text will act like a link on the page, it will be click-able. Do not use the actual URL, for your link. A meaningful text will be easier to read.

After you type the text, select / highlight the text you just wrote in the post.
Then click the “Add Link” icon in the editor menu bar (or use the keyboard shortcut “Alt-A”).

Type the full website address in the link text box.
Or Copy/Paste the URL link address for the site in the text field: Link URL. Click Insert
Make sure to use the complete address including http://www.
If you prefer you may fill in the Title field with a Text Description of your link.

When you are finished typing publish your article, you will see the link in the page.
If you check the button open link in a new window/tab then the link will open in a new window, so your visitors will not leave from your site.