How to change background image in WordPress?

Do you want to change background image in your WordPress website?

Changing background image is usually east thing to do.
However you need to pay attention that if you are using one of GPL licence theme, you are free to do so.
But if you bought a theme, it might have some restrictions. You need to read the licence of your theme; if the theme permits this or not. Also some of professionally designed WordPress themes let you change the background, header, colors, etc.

How to change it?


First login to your dashboard. Then click the Background link under the Appearances menu.


To use an image file for the background, upload an image from your computer.

Click the CHOOSE FILE button under the Upload New Background Image and select a file from your computer. Then click the Upload button.

You can adjust display options for your the background image.

You have these options:

Position: Select Left, Center, or Right to set the screen position of the background image on your Web site.

Repeat: Select No Repeat, Tile, Tile Horizontally, or Tile Vertically in the drop-down menu to set the image repeat behavior of the background image on your Web site.

Attachment: Select Scroll to set the background image to scroll down the page or select Fixed to set the background image in a static position (so it doesn’t scroll down the page).

Click to Save Changes button.

What you should keep in mind when you choose an image for a background?

If you want your page load fast, choose a small image, that will not slow down the loading speed of your site. Large images always make the site download speed more slower.

Keep in mind using tile-able, seamless images makes your WordPress website loading much faster.

Alternatively you can buy Seamless Background Images for your website.

When you are using a large image as your background, make sure that the image is free to use, do not get into trouble with copyright issue.

How to choose Custom Background color?

Login to your dashboard. Then click the Background link under the Appearances menu.
To change the background color, type the hexadecimal color code in the Color text box or select from color box, the desired color, then click on Save Changes button.


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