How to change header image in WordPress?

Most WordPress themes comes with a header image. This banner image can be changed from your dashboard.
If you like to change the header image with your own photo, make sure that the image size is large enough to use as a header image.

So how to use different header on your WordPress theme?

If you downloaded a free WordPress theme, usually you will find under appearance header button.

You can choose an image from your files and use that image as header by uploading the image to your theme.

If you are using a paid theme, often these themes comes with theme option control panel. There you can click on the theme name and choose banner/ header change option.

If your image too large as a header, you can crop it to fit your header area. Make sure that your image is not too small to use as header.

When you are using an image as your header/banner two things are important.
1. Do not use too big image resolution as your banner. 72dpi is enough for web viewing. If your photo has 300dpi resolution file size will be too big and will effect the speed of your site. Your page will open too slowly. If you bought an image from a stock image company make sure that image resolution is not larger than 72dpi.
2. Either use your own photo, graphic work or a royalty free image. Do not use any graphic or photo without a proper permission.

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Alternatively, if you are familiar with HTML, PHP and CSS, you can change the image from your theme by editing CSS and header.php file.
On your theme you can look at how they defined the image on your header. Typically the default CSS will have similar styling like this:

#header {
background: url(“<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/wc_header.jpg”)
no-repeat bottom center; }
#headerimg {
margin: 7px 9px 0;
height: 192px;
width: 740px; }


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