How to create a category?

How to create or edit a category on a WP blog?
Each post in WordPress is filed under one or more Categories.
You can find Categories under Post button on the dashboard.

Category Name
The Category Name must be uniqueTo keep it simple use one word only.

Category Slug
The Category slug must be unique. The Category Slug is used in the URL. For example, setting a Category Name of “Recipes” and a Category Slug of “food” would show all “Recipes” posts with a URL like

Category Parent
Use this drop-down if you want to make this Category a sub-Category; you will select the sub-Category’s Parent here. For example, you may have a Category called “Web Design” but want to add further clarification about the subject of a particular “Web Tutorials” post. You could add “WordPress Tutorials” and “CSS Tutorials” as sub-Categories to the “Web Design” Category; “Web Tutorials” would be the Parent of these two new sub-Categories.

Add Category
The most important part of the Add New Category box. Once you’ve entered in all the information about your new Category, use this button to save it.

On the sidebar or footer (widget area) your category will show name and post numbers if you activate it.
Name – The name of the Category. Remember each Name must be unique. Click on the Category’s Name to edit the Category.
Description – Categories may have an optional description. By default, the description is shown to viewers when they hover over the category’s link.
Posts – The number of posts which are members of the category.