How to create custom frame by using a photoshop brush?

How to create 5 by 7 custom frame by using a photoshop brush?

This is step by step tutorial about how to create custom with your photoshop brush. In this example I used corner brush set.

1. File -> New. Make a new canvas. I made canvas 2100 pixels wide and 1500 pixels high which means 7x.5 print ready photo frame.

If you are planning to print your image, make the dpi 300 for good print result. If it is for the web, 72 dpi is fine.

step 1 image

2. If you create the canvas with white background, in order to see brush effect on it, do not forget deleting it before saving the file.

step 2 image

3. Choose a brush and apply (ones, or if your want darker look, apply 2 times) on a transparent layer.

step 3 image

4. When you create the brush image, rotate it left, right and vertical; so you have the image for every corner.

Transform > Perspective tool.

step 4 image

5. By using Free Transform tool, you can scale your image/brush, rotate, distord, skew, warp or give new Perspective.

step 5 image

6.You can apply style to the image.

step 6 image

7. Applying drop shadow or outer glow will give depth to the frame.

step 7 image

8. Create another layer, fill with a color and apply gradient overlay on it.

step 8 image

9. When you are done with your new frame’s look save it as png file.

step 9 image

10. Transparent layer will alllow your photo being shown underneath.

step 10 image

11. Open a new photo, then apply your new png frame file on top of it.

step 11 image

12. You can also save your frame as an abr file, photoshop brush. If you do that, you can change the frame color anytime.

step 12 image

13. Your frame is print ready size as 5×7 inch.

step 13 image

14. This is how it looks as a result. Save your image as jpg file at the end.

step 14 image

You can buy corner brushes at .

Thanks for reading this tutorial :)

Tutorial written by Nur 2011