How to upload a pdf file into WordPress blog tutorial

How to upload a pdf file into WordPress blog?
PDF files can be uploaded just like JPGs by default.
However there is size limit on WordPress blog. Make sure your file size withing the limit.
If is it too large file, you may either reduce the PDF file size or under the setting button change the default size bigger number.

PDF Medie Size

Step by step direction:

1. Add new post.
2. Click “Add Media” button.
3. Using the file selection thing, select your PDF and click the upload button.
4. After it uploads, you’ll have this new section that shows a Title, Caption, Description, and Link URL. Fill in any of the fields the way you want.
5. Click “File URL”.
6. Click “Insert into Post”.

Uploading a PDF file tutorial:
In this example, you will see how to add a pdf file into a page.
Click on the page name ( title ) that you will like to edit and upload a file.

In this example I will add a file into White Paper page.
When you hover the title of the page you will see edit| quick edit | trash view links
(Under the page name it will show up when you hover with your mouse)

When a new window opens, you will see the page editing view.
Put your cursor in the type box in order to write a text.
If you want to add a photo , or movie or a pdf file in this page, click on upload/insert button.

A small pop up window will show up.

This small  window will allow you to choose a file from your computer or any url.
You may drag the file into that box or click the select files button to choose a file from
your computer.

Once you select the file, give a title, or a caption, you can also add description for the
The link of the file will be placed LINK URL box.
Then click on the insert into post button.
The link of the file will be on your page.
When you are done editing your page, click on the publish button ( blue color on the right side of the screen )
( if that page previously published) then click on update button.
You are done!