How to use FTP?

How to download or upload files with FTP?

What is FTP?
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the simplest and most secure way to exchange files over the Internet.  Whether you know it or not, you most likely use FTP all the time.

The most common use for FTP is to download or upload files from the Internet. It has been designed to allow platform independent data exchange over a network. In order to send files (mp3, wav, text, word, pdf, photos, graphic images etc.) you can use ftp very simple way.

When downloading a file ( such as screen savers, music files) from the Internet you’re actually transferring the file to your computer from another computer over the Internet. This is why the T (transfer) is in FTP. You may not know where the computer is that the file is coming from but you most likely know it’s URL or Internet address. If you are using Windows, Mac or Unix, FTP allows you to transfer your movies, photos and audio files from one computer to another exactly the same way you can copy them from one folder to another.

How to drag and drop files by using FTP?
If you have the ftp address, user name and password, you are all ready for ftp. An FTP address looks a lot like an HTTP, or Website, address except it uses the prefix ftp:// instead of http://.

Example FTP site address:

Step 1:
Open your favorite browser and type full ftp address and hit enter. Example:

Step 2:
It will open a new small window.

When connecting to an FTP site you will need to login with a user name and password.

Step 3:
Type your password and user name correctly.
Make sure you type password correctly.
Then click on logon.

If you make a mistake 530 error will show up at the screen and says:

530 Login incorrect.
ftplogin click for larger view Step 4:
When you are logged in, you can drag and drop the files.