Ideal Location

I feel like modern Diogenes. He was looking for an honest man; “I am just looking for an honest man.” Me looking for a good place to live.
I have lived most of my life in Izmir Turkey, the best city in Turkey. Last 12 years I have been living in Portland Oregon, USA. It is time to move on.
Portland is not a bad city, small , clean, not much traffic jam, has good bicycle lanes and MAX! I like MAX and street car in Portland. However the weather is bad. It rains about 4-5 months every day and grey clouds above the city makes you crave for sunshine. Remember this number: 222 That is the number of Portland Annual days of cloudy days.
My experience of living downtown Portland came to a point that I no longer wish to live in here. Dead downtown social life, insolvable homeless problem, closed business & shops in downtown makes you wonder why bother paying high bills to have a condo in downtown. So I started to look for a new place to move. Oahu island, Hawaii looked good from a weather perspective, until I sped 15 days there.
Hawaii is definitely off the list. It is very expensive and they have worse Homeless problem than Portland and their let me get you Aloha price attitude ‘tourist are ripped off every day with no particular reason. Do not tell me how beautiful Oahu nature is. Yes it is beautiful if you close your eyes to 7 lanes terrible traffic jam, dirty parks “except in Waikiki” homeless are sleeping in the parks, streets, in bus stops, on bridges in front of high rises condos and hotels. You can live fine if you are super rich in Honolulu, Oahu. As long as stay inside your villa or million dollar condo. That is not me.
So where I can go in US has good weather and offers decent life style to it’s citizens?
My next adventure will be state of California.

I would not say all America is expensive to live. There are many areas are affordable and you can live just fine, however not desirable for me.
It seem like if you are a middle class, looking for a liberal city ‘ a bit European style’ social life and structure, good luck to find it!

Portland is liberal, no one cares if you are black, white, Asian, gay, straight, how many holes in your face or tattoos on your body as well as your political views. If you prefer liberal city life, then get ready to pay high prices for your choice.

I do not know others but I have a list of requirements for living in a city.

  • Does the city offers high speed broadband service or Fiber Optic High-speed internet?
    Since my job depends on it, I need to live a place had good internet connection.
  • Does the city have a public transportation?
  • How is the weather? Is it warm climate & how many sunny days in a year?
  • What about people, are they democrat or republican?

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