Importance of Link Exchange

How important Link Exchange is?
Link exchange will help increasing your visitor traffic to your website without paying for advertising. It is also good for search-ability of your website in search engines. The amount of the incoming links to your site will help you to be better position in search engines. In other words the more links to your website means the more popular it becomes in search engines.

So why not offering link exchange to other website? (it is always better if you can connect with the more relevant the content websites). The simple way doing it; offer other website to be in their website as link, in return, you add their website into your website.

Like this example:
If you have a web site, you might like to link to this website.
To make it easy, I have created a badge for you.

You will be in the list here:

Place a link on your Web site to

I prefer to be linked with the phrase – Thinking Out Loud”

If you want to use a graphic, please choose the image below.

As simple as that.

Having referral link into some specific subjects also helps for attracting visitors to your websites.

Time to time I add good website list to my blog. They are related to subject that i am writing about. For instance when I am writing about lenses, I add lens manufacturer addresses as well as lens review sites. They sometimes add my page into their review page too, this both way linking really helps for your search engine visibility.

Be ware that one way linking does not help for better ranking though.

This means, you should do link exchange webpages that have similar content to you. However being linked with other website who are giving you reciprocal link also valuable.

Do not forget when you are doing link exchange you should provide the linktext with your desired keywords.

Such as:

<a href=”” title=”Thinking Out Loud”>Web design, photography, travel and food articles</a>

Go ahead create a link exchange page on your website, nothing will harm, you can gain positive results.

Web Definitions:

Link Exchange: A link exchange is a confederation of websites that operates similarly to a web ring.
Backlink: Backlinks are sometimes called inbound links, are incoming links to a web page or the entire website.
Reciprocal Link: A reciprocal link is an agreement between two webmasters or website owners to provide a hyperlink within their own website to each other’s web site.