Some Izmirian Colloquialism

My mom used to say “Dansöz Nana gibi kıvırma“. – Do not shake like belly dancer Nana. Which means do not find silly excuses whatever you did!
I always wonder who is this Nana person.Mom passed away, so I could not ask her. Thanks to internet I could search and find some information online. Nana was indeed a belly dancer. She was born in Istanbul, in 1936. Her mom was Armanian, her father was French. She graduated Dame de Sion French high school. She became famous dancer in early ages (15) . Her real name was Hermin Arslanoğlu. Her stage name was Ayşe Nana, she became quite famous dancing high society clubs. She was also danced in couple of movies. In 1954 she took of her bra in the stage, caused quite a scandal in Turkish society.
In 1958 she moved to Roma, became even more famous dancer there! When she was dancing in a high society club in front of Fellini and his friends, she took of her bra in the stage. Paparazzi’s took photo of her. Fellini used her action in Dolce Vita. She traveled often Middle east to do dance performance.
Even tough she was left Turkey back in 1958, the famous saying still alive in the language.
belly dancer Nana
Some more info about her in Turkish here:–370309

Another one mom often used:
“Derdini Marko Paşa’ya anlat”
Do tell your trouble to Marko Paş means that I am not listening to you.

Or saying this:
Buradan aşağı Marko Paşa, ver beş kuruş in daha aşağı!”
It means that whatever your are after, that things is not going to happen. You will not achieve to your goal.

Who was this Marko paşa? Was there any real person in this name? Yes indeed there was!

Read in Turkish more about him here: