Linkok Paypal

Linklok Paypal – Sell downloadable products with Paypal

What is Linklok Paypal?
If you sell digital products such as music mp3’s, software, e-books, photographs, embroidery patterns or any other download file Linklok will automate the delivery process keeping your clients happy and making your life just that bit easier.

The buyer clicks standard Paypal Buy Now, Add to Cart or Donation buttons on your site and checks out through Paypal as normal (both Paypal accounts and credit cards supported). After payment Linklok will immediately verify the payment with Paypal, checking the amount paid is correct, and return the user securely to the download page. Linklok also sends a download email out as well. This happens even if the buyer closes the browser before returning to your site. The download page can match your site exactly.

Secure download links
The download links used in the download page and the email do not show the location of your files on the server and will expire after a predefined time (you can even IP lock them if you wish). There is no way to break or modify the links as we use secure hashing to verify authenticity. Files can be stored on your server or alternatively on Amazon S3 which is a great solution for large files.

Linklok doesn’t just handle downloads

As well as handling downloads Linklok supports tangible items and can be used to send serial number or unlock codes from a list or user defined PHP function where required. Many additional features allow you to have buyers added to your Aweber or Mailchimp lists, watermark PDF files with the buyers email address and to call affiliate systems. Linklok can also integrate seamlessly with our Sitelok members area script creating accounts for your clients.

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