MAC Journal for blogging

Do you like Blogging? There is a good app for that.
MacJournal 6 for MAC and iPad users.
MacJournal 6 is the latest incarnation of the very popular blogging and journal software from Mariner.

Read more details at Mariner Software website:

You have your own WordPress blog site? Are you a MAC user? Then MAC Journal can offer you a handy app that will make your blogging more pleasant.

MacJournal is packed with so many features and enhancements that you can turn it into your own personal writing playground.
MacJournal is the world’s most popular journaling software for the Mac.

MacJournal 6 adds a calendar mode that show entries from any journal, geolocation, word count and progress tracking, as well as additional blogging support. A Timeline mode has been added to gig the journaler the ability to see their writing activity in chronological order. MacJournal 6 even introduces a feature for creating books from journals specially formatted for publishing. Add any kind of content, not just text. Drag PDFs, QuickTime movies, images, audio and more. Record audio and video, even publish to a blog account on Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Posterous, and Tumblr. Dropbox support added as well.

+ Simple interface
+ Lots of options
+ Multiple blog support
+ Smart Journals
+ Calendar views
+ Easy to add images etc