MAC keyboard shortcuts

Here are the modifier key symbols you can see in Mac OS X menus: Command key icon (Command key) – On some Apple keyboards, this key also has an Apple logo (apple<br /><br />
logo) Control key icon (Control key) Option or Alt key icon (Option key) – “Alt” may also appear on this key Shift icon (Shift key) Caps lock icon (Caps Lock) – Toggles Caps Lock on or off fn (Function key) Menu Symbol
Menu Symbol Key on Keyboard
Command/Apple Key (like Control on a PC) Also written as Cmd
Option (like Alt on a PC)
Control (Control-click = Right-click)
Enter (on Number Pad)
Page Up
Page Down
Arrow Keys
Delete Left (like Backspace on a PC)
Delete Right (also called Forward Delete)

MAC keyboard shortcuts

Command-A Select all items in the front Finder window (or desktop if no window is open)
Option-Command-A Deselect all items
Command-X Cut
Command-Z Undo / Redo
Command-C copy
Command-V paste
Shift-Command-Down Arrow Select text between the insertion point and the end of the document (*)