Making DSLR Pop-up flash diffuser

Do you have a DSLR Pop-up flash diffuser? A diffuser softens camera’s harsh direct flash and reduces harsh shadows
If you do not have it, you might create one at home in a few minutes.

Step by step DIY built-in pop-up flash diffuser

The most simple one is with a piece white of paper.
All you need, is a white paper, a scissors for cutting the paper and tape.
Just  measure the depth of your pop-up flash’s base, cut the paper and taped it around. Tape two side of the paper.

Other practical pop up flash diffuser alternatives?
The aim is to block the strong flash with a piece of white paper, napkin, tissue paper, piece of soft white material, or soft packaging materials will do the job somehow. If this is a piece of paper, you can easily tape it around the flash and you can discard it when you are done.

Creating white fabric diffuser

white fabric

Second alternative is for a long term use. You can create the diffuser from a white fabric. make sure it is old fabric ( worn at least) so no lint will fall when you are shooting.

You can use white muslin, old t-shirt if you want. Not a towel or socks, they are thicker materials.

twist tie at the edge

It is easy to make it. All you need a white fabric material, a scissors, white threat, a needle, a long twist tie.

Measure your pop up flash, cut the fabric. Sew around the edges, then put the twist tie inside the fabric.
Twist tie helps to position the fabric around the flash.

homemade diffuser

2 thoughts on “Making DSLR Pop-up flash diffuser

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the tip. I have a doubt, i bolcked my flash with simple newspaper and put the flash on Full Power(pop-up) and a burning smell came without any smoke, it went aways after a few seconds. I wonder if this is a problem. will this appear while using fabric diffusers?