Medford, Oregon

If you woke up 7 am in a warm hotel room thinking what you should do about today then, I would suggest drink your coffee first. I was in Medford in a cold day. I turn on my laptop, it was below -2 °C ( 28 °F) , I better get dress warm I said myself. Red Lion hotel room was very warm and comfortable but there was no microwave in the room, that was little disappointment. I would rather have nice warm breakfast in my room. Although I could order room service for excellent breakfast choices but it was little bit expensive for me. I am trying to be careful spending money when I am traveling far places. You never know really, when you need cash or some extra for emergency situations.

Before I hit the road, it became habit for me to search online what is there , where is the nearest ATM or bank, is there any nice old buildings or park around. It is always gives me more comfort if the hotel room has wireless. Most hotels started to discover that people do search more communication alternatives. 10 years ago how many people could have cell phones? Now how many? Almost everyone has cell phone. What we were doing before the cell phone years? I guess we are becoming more spoiled by the technology.

This is mostly time is good thing. I am not the person I can say all the technology is great, does great things for our lives, but most the time does good things for humanity. We do not have to wait a month almost to hear from our family letter comes from abroad. Email saves a lot of time. Internet definitely is the great discovery for knowledge improvement. No longer we are stuck in our daily newspapers, local TV channels anymore. Almost you can search anything within seconds if the the news correct or a scam. Hit Google news , there you go, learn what is going on the world without even getting up to get newspaper from your market. Is this a good thing? Sure it is. Maybe you will say ah old days, we had to work hard for learning, living, it was not that easy anything. Well, I am not believing that we should live like nostalgia timing. I am sure people had been falling same trap of old time beauty. But honesty lets ask ourselves, do we prefer living like our grandfather used to live? Most of us do prefer today, our comfort zone well pampered by technology.

Laptops are affordable prices, sometime even brand new ones on sale unbelievable cheap, you can get used IBM or Dell from EBAY for $450. Well if you think you like to catch everything around the world, you should spend some money on it, more than maybe on your clothes. Gosh I always wondered when I saw price tag on nice shirt on Nordstorm sale $500 was before $900, who buys those clothes? Are they insane or just simply rich? So I prefer putting my money on something useful for myself and others. Well I hear you, maybe you do think what is the good think about buying laptop for yourself can be good for others? Simply, if you live far away your family and friends, you like to still contact with them, internet is the cheapest way. My mom is in Turkey and most my friends, well I can not call them everyday, but sure I can send SMS and mostly email, quick and inexpensive way to feel not so lonely. Here is the good part, when you share your feelings even over the internet, you give yourself and others happiness.

I took my camera bag on my shoulder did feel like eskimo, when I looked at the mirror that I had way too many layers on me , but i knew I was going to be appreciated on feeling warm later. Now I was ready to discover the town. I left from Red Lion in downtown, started to walk on empty streets. Well almost all shops were closed at 8 am Saturday. Maybe it is winter, no need to be early shopper. There was not even open a coffee shop. OK, I said myself, that was fine with me, I was not going to shop anyway. I saw couple nice old building still well protected against aging. I went to Alba park, the scene was splendid by the falling tree leaves yellow to orange, to red variety like a carpet on the ground. Old trees under blue sky, with a mysterious of fog effect was real winter beauty. There was a nice white sculpture of a boy playing with two dogs, across the little gazebo. I took many photos of that peacefully scene.

I went another park to finish my winter leaves project to Vogel park. This park was bigger right by the little river and absolutely the view was so serene. I took pictures of frozen leaves and flowers as well as empty streets in Medford. To me Medford was small, little sleepy but a clean city. You will not run into any beggar or homeless even in downtown. You will find photographically well developed parks, a beautiful library and many antique stores. If you dare to walk at night without caring of cold weather spend some time around Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater, it is nicely decorated by Christmas lights. If you are into shopping Middleford alley has may small shops , furniture stores, many chic clothing boutiques, jewelry stores as well as antique stores. I spend 2 nice days by walking around taking photos of the town, I would definitely recommended to have lunch or dinner at the Russian restaurant, the potato soup was warming your tummy as well as your heart!

NUR November 2004

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