Using Initials as Logo

In design world there is no right or wrong color, font, symbol or image. As long as the logo is distinctive and visually appealing to the owner of the company or the person, it can be any color, shape or symbol.

There is endless discussion about is it possible to use initials or monograms as logo? Some people are opposed to it, some love it.

There answer is yes, you can use the initials as logo especially if you have a long company or brand name.

Take a look at a few famous samples here.

Coco Chanel Logo

Coco Chanel

New York Yankees Logo

NewYork Yankees

Yves Saint Laurent Logo

Yves Saint Laurent

BBC Logo


Vogue Logo


Christian Dior Logo


Hugo Boss Logo

Hugo Boss

Dove Logo


What are the common elements for well known good logos?

  • Using clear and sharp typography
  • Ease of readability
  • Obvious color contrast with background
  • Padding around the letters. White space makes it easy  to read
  • Drawing attention to the name
  • Using simple typeface
  • Using solid colors for baldness
  • Creating memorable character

To me a good logo should be easy to remember and simple to memorize.
If that is your initials, then use these letter, if symbols will be better representation as your logo, it is your choice.
No one is right on this subject. it is a matter of taste. It does not make a logo better or worse just because you use two letters or one letter, it is all about do you like it or not.

The more you see it, your branding will reach more people, therefore they will remember (as long as easy to remember).
Great example of simplicity of the logo:
IBM and Apple.
Simple, yet powerful.
Everyone knows it!